Supportive Song (Swearalong Version)

Yesterday's Supportive Song video was a little quick if you wanted to write down the words and sing along. If this bothered you, please enjoy my new Swearalong version. Don't forget to share it with anyone you know who needs a pick-me-up.

Posted by Dom Gittins on Thursday, 28 November 2019


Bojo was a man who thought he was a mayor
But he was a total arse
Bojo was adulterous, thought he was a player
Maritally what a farce.

Get whacked, get whacked,
Get whacked on your Etonian bum
Get whacked, get whacked,
Get whacked for beating Livingstone.

Herpetology was more than just a hobby
For one Lambeth boy called Ken
Practically a wizard with a newt or lizard
or politicians (slimy men)

(At this point I have run out of steam … I’ll finish this later …)